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At present time Burundaiavia helicopter fleet consists of fourteen helicopters MI-8MTV-1 (MI-17-1V) and one MI-8T helicopter based at Boraldai airport that is situated within 5 km from Almaty city - a former capital of Kazakhstan. Four more helicopters MI-8MTV-1 and two MI-8T helicopters are under overhaul at "Aircraft Repair Plant No 405”. According to the airline program the airline fleet will consist of 20 helicopters by the end of 2012.

In order to work on international air routes the helicopters are equipped with IFR and navigation aids, such as VOR/DME navigation system, satellite navigation system GPS, weather radar, that make them capable to fly in night or low visibility conditions. Emergency location transmitter ELT, Oxygen equipment, Digital Flight Data Recorder FDR are also installed on helicopters. To enhance the flight range the helicopters are also equipped with external or internal auxiliary fuel tanks.

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