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About company


"Airline "Burundaiavia" Joint Stock Company was registered as a legal entity in October 2002. The airline’s ICAO code is BRY. Burundaiavia has the Aircraft Operator Certificate No: KZ-01/001 granted by the Civil Aviation Committee of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan which allows carrying passengers and goods, including dangerous goods, performing aviation works.

Company History:

The airline has long history of air operations:

1946 - Kazakhstan Air Expedition No 9. Fleet: Po-2, Li-2, Il-14, An-2 aircraft and Mi-1, Mi-2, Mi-4 helicopters. Participation in search and rescue operations in Issyk gorge of Alatau at liquidation of consequences of mudflow in 1961. Tens of people have been rescued.
1965 - transformed to Burundai United Aviation Division.
1970 - powerful MI-8T helicopters have been received. The region of works extended. The quantity of helicopters exceeded twenty by 1980. Flights with selection of airfields in mountain districts at heights up to 4500 meters and with a cargo on an external suspension bracket were intensively carried out.
1974 - more than 90 people have been rescued from flooded Caspian Sea coastal area in complex meteorological conditions in winter time.
1978 - four Mi-8T helicopters participated in rendering assistance to the population of Afghanistan at liquidation of consequences of act of nature in this country.
1973-1974 - fifteen crews of An-2 aircraft took part in fighting against a locust in Mongolia.
1975 - An-30 aircraft for performance of aerial photographs works and An-26 for performance of cargo air transportation have been received.
1991 - Mi-8MTV helicopters with more powerful engines have been received. It allowed performing more helicopter works in high-mountainous territories, such as forest fires fighting, prevention of avalanches and mudflows, rendering assistance to climbers and doctors, and etc.
1997 - Regional Service Airline "Burundaiavia" has been organized on the basis of Burundai United Aviation Division.
2002 - "Airline Burundaiavia" JSC has been established on the basis of Regional Service Airline "Burundaiavia".
Since that time the sole shareholder of the company is "Altair Air" LLP which also owns Airport Boraldai and considerable fleet of helicopters and aircraft.

Company Mission:

High quality of services in the world market of aviation works, passenger and cargo transportation at optimal expenses is the mainstream of "Airline Burundaiavia" JSC.

Based on requirements of ICAO international standards, requirements of legislative and regulatory documents and national standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as customer requirements our company aspires to become the leading supplier of air services in the African-Asian region with the first class Mi-8MTV-1 helicopters and to assure flight and aviation safety with the stable quality that meets Customers’ requirements.

International Operations:

Entering the international helicopter services market is a priority for Airline Burundaiavia in development of its helicopter business.

  • In 2006 Burundaiavia has started to work under commercial contracts in Afghanistan. Since then thousands of tons of food products were carried by the airline helicopters all over the country.
  • On January 15, 2007 "Airline Burundaiavia" JSC was registered as an official supplier of goods and services to the United Nations (UN). The given registration enables the airline to take part in tenders and bids for supply of the necessary goods and services for the needs of the United Nations. Burundaiavia is the first and so far the only Kazakhstan company registered in the United Nations Procurement Service (UNPS). After registration the airline is actively involved in providing air transportation services for the United Nations peacekeeping missions. Burundaiavia has successfully performed helicopter operations under long-term contracts with the United Nations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Sudan, Chad, and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Works included missions supply, passenger transportation, delivery of humanitarian aid and food products, search and rescue operations, emergency and medical evacuation.
  • In September 2009 the airline started to provide helicopter services in Afghanistan under projects of the U.S. DoD.

  • In May 2014 Burundaiavia started to provide forest firefighting services in Turkey under a long-term agreement.

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