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Mi-8MTV-1 (Mi-17-1V) helicopter


The design of the Mi-8MTV-1 is almost the same as the design of Mi-8T. In comparison with the Mi-8T helicopter, the Mi-8MTV-1 has the best performance characteristics, as it is fitted with more powerful TV3-117VM engines. In addition to works, which the Mi-8T carries out, the helicopter boasts greater service/hovering ceiling (6,000 m comparing with 4,500 m on Mi-8T), improved "hot and high" performance and load capacity (4,000 kg external load comparing with 3,000 kg on Mi-8T), and increased ambient air temperatures. It expands the range of possible use and the list of regions where this helicopter can operate. The helicopter can be exploited practically in all climatic zones.  


The main designation of the helicopter is the carrying of cargoes of up to four tons in the cargo cabin. The cabin has a big cargo hatch with opening flaps in the rear of the fuselage, strengthened flooring and knots for securing of cargoes. The helicopter can be equipped with an external load sling system with a capacity of up to four tons for transporting large cargo and with a winch with a capacity of 150 kg.


The helicopter may be used for carrying passengers. To do so the cargo cabin is equipped with a heating and ventilation system and has collapsible seats for up to 24 passengers. It can be converted for air ambulance duties, with accommodation for 12 stretchers with the relevant medical equipment and a tip-up seat for a medical attendant. The helicopter can also be used as a rescue machine with an electric hoist with a boom, over the movable door of the fuselage. 


Performance and characteristics:


Maximum take-off weight, kg - 13,000

Normal take-off weight, kg - 11,100

Base weight without load, kg - 7,100

Maximum cargo capacity of cargo cabin, kg - 4,000

Maximum external load, kg - 4,000

Cargo cabin volume, cu m - 23

Cargo cabin overall dimensions, m: 5.34 х 2.34 х 1.80 

Fuselage dimensions, m: length - 18.42, height - 4.76, width - 2,50

Maximum speed with normal take-off weight, km/h - 250

Cruise speed with normal take-off weight, km/h - 230

Flight range with fuel in main tanks, km - 650

Flight range with extra tanks, km - 1,100

Maximum flying height at normal take-off weight, m - 6,000

Rate of climb, m/s - 9 

Rotor's diameter, m - 21,29

Power plant: 2x Klimov TV3-117VM - 2,200 hp each

Crew - 3 (two pilots, one mechanic)

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